Football Manager 09: – Second Coming

Since my earlier post on FM 09 received such positive response, I have decided to write more Football Manager 2009 related posts on my blog…

So here’s an update on the game I have been playing. I had chosen to Manage Manchester United at the start of the 2008-09 season. Been two seasons at the club now. I had purchased Messi (82 Mil) and Andres Guardado (19mil) in the second season itself…I have sold Berbatov and bought Bojan for more or less same amount this season…Also Real Madrid wanted Guardado bad this season coz of his excellent performance for my team in my second season in charge. So I decided to Cash in on him by selling him for 50 milJ. I bought Stevan Jovetic for around 15 odd millions as Guardado’s replacement. I have also bought Johnny Heitinga as the replacement to the tired legs of Ferdinand. To replace Gary Neville, I trained Johnny Evans to play as right defender and he has become a really good right back for me now.

 Also I am training Mamadou Sakho to be the long term replacement for Evra, I dunno why I usually feel the charm of a player ends when he reaches 29/30. So I prefer buying young players to replace the old ones once the senior players start nearing 30.

 I am trying to sell Evra now but there seem to be no takers already for the 29 year old. Also i wanted to buy Fabregas as the centre midfield man for my team, but could not as Arsenal are unwilling to sell him even for 85 Mil. Will try and buy him again for 90/95 mil.

 Also I bought this really promising  young South American AM/FC from Villareal for 10/12 Mil called Roquero. He is good at free kicks and has already scored some really good goals for my team. Also had bought Bojan at the beginning of the season. So now I have got some really good forwards, like Rooney, Bojan, Alex Texieria, Roquero and Tevez. So I am trying to sell Tevez for around 60 mil. So that I have sufficient funds to buy both Fabregas and Pato (remember that I already have around 75 mil as of now). 

 I have already reached the January transfer window and am re-inforcing players for next season. I have already signed the brazilian attacking midfielder from Bremen, Ribas Diego on a free transfer. Also trying to rake in Rosina from Italy on a free transfer, but AC milan, Inter, Roma and Chelsea are interested in the player and have bid for a transfer in January window itself. So I also have bid 20 mil for the player and offered him a great 135,000 pounds a week salary so that he cannot reject joining my team. Then when the transfer is supposed to go through, I will keep delaying it again and again till the end of the transfer window. And when the window closes I will offer him a much lower salary and effectively sign him on a free transfer for the next season. This is a very effective strategy i have been using and works like a charm… 🙂

 Also better way is to keep delaying the transfer till end of season and once the player is out of contract he will join for a much lesser amount. Had once used this technique to sign Robinho when managing Barcelona. When I wanted to offer him a contract in the January transfer window, he wanted a very high salary, somewhere in the range of 125,000 pounds etc. So i kept delaying the transfer and once cancelled, used to offer him a new contract again only to delay it further. This way I pushed the transfer till the end of the season. Then when he was out of contract from Manchester City, I offered him a contract and guess how much he wanted to join my team? Just 55,000 pounds a week compared to almost 2 and half times he demanded earlier 🙂

 I am also on the look out to sign the young Russian Goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev on a free transfer at the end of the season so that he joins me in the January of next season. Lot of good English players will also be out of contract and I plan to snap them up on free.

 Another great way to build up a great youth team without spending much money is to search at the end of each season for youngsters who are out of contract. For e.g. I search for players who are 16 yrs old and sort them by clubs. Then i see players from large clubs like Barcelona, Athletic Madrid, AC Milan, and Real Madrid etc… All clubs from top European leagues are worth a try. Offer contract to each of these top club players and your assistant manager will let you know if the player would be a quality/good/Decent/last resort signing. When starting a new youth club, I always sign all that are decent and above. Once I have a established youth system in place, i offer contracts to only players who would turn out to be good/quality players. This wont cost you a single penny and you can build up a great youth squads. Based on training and potential some of these youngsters can eventually turn into good first team players and if nothing will definitely rake in good transfer revenue for your team.

 I have won the super cup and the club world championship this season already and am well on track to win the championship, Champions League, League cup and FA cup tooJ

 I recently bought a Bosnian player, a defender for around 2.5 mil. He didn’t get a work permit, but has still been added to my club. I don’t know how I can re-apply work permit for him and I cannot even play him in competitive matches. Don’t know what to do. If anyone has faced such a situation and knows how to get rid of such a player or how to get a work permit for the same, let me know.

 I will soon post more about the tactics I use and the details about my team and how to optimize the tactics for effective match play once I’ve figured out how to upload the prt screens from the game here on wordpress.comJ


Till then keep looking at the space for more FM 2009 updatesJ



Football Manager 2009

Hi Guys…Since I have started posting again, thought I should write something about the latest offering from the FM series, the “Football Manager 2009”.

I started playing the series since there 2008 edition but since then, boy have I got hooked onto it or what? Keep having arguments with my wife as to why I keep playing that game at any free minute I get…

The 2009 game is great and barring a few players who they haven’t rated as highly as I would’ve liked, the database is right up to the mark and the player capabilities are all very appropriately done.

Started playing with Real Madrid as they offer the highest transfer money at the beginning of the season that I found… Also they have a large squad, so further money can be raised by selling the unwanted players… Kept on playing as the Real Madrid Manager for more than 5 seasons and won all trophies each year. Became the best manager on the game et al. Had a blast… Next I took up Barcelona, as I wanted to see the likes of Bojan, Messi and Eto play for me (I could not buy them earlier as Barca wouldn’t sell to their Rival team). Again awesome fun, but was disappointed to see that the transfer money being offered was extremely meager…  The trophies followed the same way as in Madrid and I kept playing for 5 odd seasons as Barca Manager too… Now I took up Arsenal in the BPL, one of my favorite teams. They are weak to start with, but once u keep playing with them and add a couple of quality players you survive and once the quality of the youngsters like Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela and Walcott starts coming through, there is no turning back. Even Bendtnar & Denilson are pretty good on the game. I’ve played 2 seasons with Arsenal and won all major and minor trophies.

Now coming to the strategy and players I have used in achieving the success with all these clubs…

Following are the good young quality players I’ve found on the game. There may definitely be more but once u find one with a team you are bound to stick to those even when u change the team… So the people who disagree or have found someone better in those positions, do leave a comment and I could try those players in my games…

Strategy: –

I usually used the 4-1-3-2 strategy as depicted below…


Def /Wing Back Right            Central Def                 Central Def       Def /Wing Back Left

Central Mid /Defensive Mid

Attacking Mid /Winger Right          Attacking Mid Center        Attacking Mid /Winger left

Striker / Forward Center     Striker / Forward Center

I will post the tactics screen from one of my games later. But it’s usually very attacking with decent creativity and long/direct passing with high tempo.

Players: –

Now we come to the Players which I found to be good in the positions as depicted above: –

Goalkeepers: – The best Goal-Keeper I found in the game was Iker Casillas, no second thoughts to that. Only Gigi Buffon might even come close. But otherwise Casillas beats all others. Below is a list of some good goalkeepers not necessarily in the order of there Quality: –

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Iker Casillas Real Madrid Simply the best keeper in the game 6/6
2 Gigi Buffon Juventus Also equally good, but is already 30+ when the game starts so he may get old in few years and might not be as good. 5/6
3 Victor Valdes Barcelona Very good for Barcelona 4/5
4 Petr Cech Chelsea Another good keeper 4/5
5 Igor Akinfeev CSKA Moscow Very good keeper 4/5
6 Guillermo Ochoa America Very good keeper 4/5
7 Rene Adler German league Very good keeper 4/5
8 Hugo Lloris Lyon Good young keeper 4/5
9 Sergio Asenjo Valladolid Best young keeper 4/5
10 Vincenzo Fiorillo Sampordia Good young keeper 3/5

There are or may be a few others and you are free to comment on the same.

Right Back/Defender Right: – Sergio Ramos is probably the best Right Back in the game. Surprisingly Daniel Alves who has been phenomenal for Barca this Season is rated only 3/5 and his rating does change to 4/5 at times, but that’s that. For me he too could have been 5/5. Another funny thing is that the Silva brothers at Man United have been given very poor ratings. But we have seen Rafael play and delight one and all. So that’s another glitch in the game. I made Mirlaem Pjanic of Lyon to train at right back and he moulded very well and was a 5/5 player for me playing as right back.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Sergio Ramos Real Madrid Simply the best Right-Back in the game 5/5
2 Micah Richards Manchester City Very good Centre back and equally good Right sided Defender 5/5
3 Bacary Sagna Arsenal Very consistent for Arsenal in the game, just as in real life 4/5
4 Christian Zapata Udinese Very good Defender Right and Centre 4/5
5 Bartosz Solomon Brescia Good young right wing back or Right midfielder 4/5
6 Daniel Opare Real Madrid Good and Cheap young Right back 4/5
7 Miralem Pjanic Lyon Excellent Right Midfielder – good modified/re-trained Right back 5/5
8 Lorenzo De Silverstri Lazio Very good wing back 4/5
9 Davide Santon Inter One of the best young right back and Mid 4/5
10 Darijo Srna Shaktar Very good and influential Right back & Midefielder 4/5

Left Back/Defender Left: – The best Left back or Left defender in the team would be Gael Clichy and I should say rightly so. He is rated 5/5. There are a lot of other good ones too like Gareth Bale, Armand Traore, Giorgio Chiellini, Young Mohammadu Sakho, Real Madrid’s Marcelo etc.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Gael Clichy Arsenal Simply the best Left-Back in the game 5/5
2 Gareth Bale Tottenham Very good at free kicks and equally good Left sided mifielder 5/5
3 Giorgio Chiellini Juventus Very good Centre back and equally good Left sided Defender 4/5
4 Mamadou Sakho PSG Very good Defender Left and Centre – great stats 5/5
5 Marcelo Real Madrid Very good young left wing back 4/5
6 Armand Traore Arsenal Good young Left wing back 4/5
7 Yuri Zhirkov CSKA Excellent Left Midfielder – good Left back 4/5

Central Defender: – There are a lot of good young defenders in the game like Gerard Pique, Micah Richards, Mamadou Sakho, Zapata, Ezequiel Garay, Pepe, Giorgio Chiellini, Federico Fazio, Johnny Heitinga etc

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Gerard Pique Barcelona Very good and versatile young defender/Defensive Midfielder 5/5
2 Micah Richards Man City Excellent Young Defender 5/5
3 Mamadou Sakho PSG Promising young defender 5/5
4 Christian Zapata Udinese Very good young defender 4/5
5 Ezequiel Garay Racing Santander Versatile young defender and good at free kicks 4/5
6 Pepe Real Madrid Consistent performer 4/5
7 Giorgio Chiellini Juventus Huge potential 5/5
8 Federico Fazio Sevilla Promising & versatile youngster 4/5
9 Johnny Heitinga Atletico Madrid Very hyped up but lives up to it 5/5
10 Phillipe Mexes Roma Very famous and all scouts recommend highly 5/5

Some other good young defenders include Kyriakos Papadopoulos(Greece),  Gerson (Brazil), Thiago Heleno (Brazil) or Thiago Silva ( Brazil), Jack Rodwell etc.

Defensive Midfielder: – Lot of good Def midfielders are available on the game with the likes of Toulalan, Camacho, Javi Martinez, Miguel Veloso, Lorik Cana, Mikel, Gago, De La Red, Rafael Carioca, Arouca, Diarra etc…

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Ignacio Camacho Atletico Madrid Very good and versatile young Defensive Midfielder 5/5
2 Javi Martinez Athletic Bilbao Excellent Young Defensive Midfielder 5/5
3 Miguel Veloso Sporting FC Promising young defender/ Defensive Midfielder 4 or 5/5
4 Obi Mikel Chelsea Very good young Defensive Midfielder 4/5
5 Fernando Gago Real Madrid Versatile Defensive Midfielder 5/5
6 De La Red Real Madrid Consistent performer Season after Season 5/5
7 Rafael Carioca Brazil League Very good Defensive Midfielder 4/5
8 Arouca Brazil League Good Defensive Midfielder 4/5
9 Javi Garcia Real Madrid Low profile, but picks up if you play him consistently 4/5
10 Jeremy Toulalan Lyon Very highly rated and great at long shots 5/5
11 Lassana Diarra Portsmouth Great Defensive Midfielder and very good stats 5/5

Midfielder Centre: – Some very good central midfielders on the game but none better than our very own Fabregas…Other good ones include Hamsik, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Joao Moutinho, Aaron Ramsey, Denilson  and the likes.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Fabregas Arsenal Best Central Midfielder on the game 6/6
2 Steven Gerrard Liverpool Another Class player. But not so young 6/6
3 Aaron Ramsey Arsenal Very good and versatile young Midfielder 5/5
4 Denilson Arsenal Very good and young Midfielder/Def Midfielder 4 or 5/5
5 Marek Hamsik Napoli Excellent young midfielder who can go straight into your first team 5/5
6 Zdravko Kuzmanovic Fiorentina Good young midfielder who all top clubs will be after a few seasons 5/5
7 Joao Moutinho Sporting FC Very promising young midfielder 5/5
8 Nuri Sahin Dortmund Good young midfielder 4/5

Please let me know of others you may have found in your games.

Attacking Midfielder Right/Right Winger: – This is where you will get the worlds best players, World Player of the year Ronaldo, Runner up Messi, and other promising youngsters and stars like Dos Santos, Pjanic, Theo Walcott, Ben Arfa, Henri Saivet, Mario Balotelli etc.

The important thing to note here is that Most of the good Attacking Midfielders are quite versatile and play in all 3 positions i.e. Right, Left and Centre.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Arguably the Best midfielder on the game. But I think Messi is better than him on the game. 6/6
2 Lionel Messi Barcelona One of the best Right or Central attacking midfielder on the game 6/6
3 Theo Walcott Arsenal Excellent young prospect 5/5
4 Giovanni Dos Santos Spurs Very good and versatile young Midfielder 5/5
5 Miralem Pjanic Lyon Very good and extremely versatile young Right Midfielder/Right Back 5/5
6 Ben Arfa Marseille Excellent young midfielder who can go straight into your first team 4/5
7 Lautaro Acosta Sevilla Good young midfielder/forward 4/5
8 Henri Saivet Bordeaux Very promising youngster who is very dexterous and can play either Right/Left winger or best as forward 5/5
9 Luca Tremolada Inter Very promising youngster who is very dexterous and can play either Right/Left winger 4/5
10 Alexis Sanchez Udinese Another promising youngster who is good at both wings and as a forward 4/5

Attacking Midfielder Left/Left Winger: –  Surprisingly this is the position I have suffered in all my games and have not been able to find the perfect player. But still have found some good ones like Andres Guardado, Arjen Robben, Luka Modric, Stevan Jovetic, Christian Rodrigez, Angel Di Maria etc.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Nani Manchester United Good wide player and can play on both flanks 4/5
2 Andres Guardado Deportivo Very good Left winger and/or Left wing back 5/5
3 Arjen Robben Real Madrid Excellent Left winger who scores goals too 5/5
4 Luka Modric Spurs Very good and versatile young Midfielder who plays best either as left or central midfielder 5/5
5 Angel Di Maria Benfica Very good and extremely versatile young Left Midfielder 4/5
6 Stevan Jovetic Fiorentina Excellent young midfielder who can go straight into your first team. Also plays as forward 5/5
7 Cristian Rodríguez Porto Another good left winger who can go straight into your first team 4/5
8 Carlos Vela Arsenal Very promising youngster who is very dexterous and can play either Left winger or forward 5/5
9 Mario Balotelli Inter Very young player but excellent on both wings and best as forward. Puts in Classic Free Kicks too. Must Buy for all teams. 5/5
10 Sebastien Giovinco Juventus Good Left midfielder or Forward. You need patience with him though. 5/5

Attacking Midfielder Centre: – Another of the most preferred place for some of the best players in the game. Best would be Kaka or Messi here. But some other really promising stars are also there like Anderson, Miralem Pjanic(This guy you will find playing great every where), Sebastien Giovinco, Toni Kroos, Giovani dos Santos, Jack Wilshere, Georginio Wijnaldum, Coutinho etc.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Kaka Milan Great Player, we all know that. 6/6
2 Messi Barcelona Great as a attacking Mid centre too 6/6
3 Toni Kroos Bayern Very Promising young Attacking Mid Centre 5/5
4 Giovani dos Santos Spurs Very good and versatile young Midfielder who plays best either as Left/Right or central midfielder 5/5
5 Sebastien Giovinco Juventus Very good and extremely versatile young Left Midfielder/Forward/AMC 5/5
6 Miralem Pjanic Lyon Very Dexterous player, you might have seen his name in lot of other positions too. Very good utility buy 5/5
7 Anderson Manchester United Good Brazilian Attacking Mid 5/5
8 Jack Wilshere Arsenal Very promising youngster who is very dexterous and can play on either wings and best as Central Mid 5/5
9 Coutinho Inter Very young player but excellent prospect. You may need to wait till he turns 18 before you can try and buy him from Inter. I bought him from inter for some 5-7 Mil. And Sold them again for some 15 Mil with high Add-on Clauses. 5/5
10 Georginio Wijnaldum Feyenoord Good young Mid to have in the team 4/5

Forward Centre / Striker: – The best young striker on the game would be Bojan for me. So also Pato. But if you want someone to lead your Goal Scoring from Season 1 itself, you may need to buy Eto or Adebayor or Torres.

Sr. No. Name Team they are playing for at the start of the game Comments Potential Rating
1 Pato Milan Very promising youngster 6/6
2 Bojan Barcelona Goal Scoring Machine and he only gets better with each season passing 6/6
3 Sergio Aguerro Atletico Madrid Great Argentine Youngster who scores a lot of goals 5/5
4 Karim Benzema Lyon Excellent buy and will score many a goals for your team 5/5
5 Carlos Vela Arsenal Another Gem from Arsenal, who wins many a player of the year awards of the Future 5/5
6 Mario Balotelli Inter Very young striker, but fits right in d First team and scores stunning goals from Free kicks. Very Versatile 5/5
7 Goran Pandev Lazio Goal scoring forward, who you can get on a free transfer. Keep an eye on his contract. 4/5
8 Owen Newcastle Only including here, coz you can get him for free in the 2nd season. Then sell him at the end of 2nd season for 10-15 million. 4/5
9 Keirrison Cortiba Got him for Free for my Arsenal team. Has become a 4/5 player already in the team and scored some superb long range efforts 4/5
10 Marquinhos Palmeiras Another good Brazilian Forward 4/5
11 Nikolas Bendtnar Arsenal If you are patient with him he can reach a rating of 5. 4 or 5/5

Let me know how these players turn out in your team.

Few 4 rated players below you can get on free transfers once their contracts are about to expire: –

Goran Pandev, Keirrison, Igor Akinfeev, Nigel De Jong, Gullirmo Ochoa, Michael Owen, Daniel Sturridge etc. Will update a complete list with Seasons when you can nip them for free later.