Football Manager 2010

Hi all…Wish you all a very Happy New year. I know FM 2010 has been out for sometime now and I am very late in my post about it. But I guess better late than never right? So here I am writing about a few of my experiences playing the wonderful game i.e. Football Manager 2010!

As usual, I began the game with Arsenal, my favourite team of all… And I must say I was a little disappointed at the ratings given to some of the promising youngsters at Arsenal like Aaron Ramsey, Carlos Vela, Jack Wilshere, Alexandre Song, Gibbs and the likes. They all peaked at a maximum of 3 stars. In real life though I think many, if not all of them have the potential to be top player for Arsenal. Ramsey and Song in particular have been sensation so far this season. Anyways I have never understood how FM 2010 players are rated anyways… Some of the ratings are such a load of crap while some sure are spot on.

So since Song and Denilson are not so good on the game (peaking at 2 and a half stars each) I went and bought a couple of defensive minded Brazilian Midfielders in Sandro and Hernanes (both peaking at 3 stars). Hernanes was already at 3 stars and so ready to start the first team for me alongside Fabregas in the midfield.

Next i bought a left midfielder in Jovetic who was promised to be a 3 and a half star player by my scout but seems to be showing a peak at 3 stars now. which is not that bad. I also bought Ibrahim Afellay who again is a 3 star player for Arsenal. Now i have enough good options in attacking midfield in Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Jovetic and Afellay. Afellay was a little upset because of the competition for places, but after i gave him a few games on the run he cooled off.

I have also bought some players for the future like Angel Di Maria (he is currently at 2 stars and peaks at 2 and a half). I am training him to play at left back since I sent both my back up left backs on loan, i.e. Gibbs at Everton and Traore at Udinese. Defensively i have bought Per Mertesacker who has been an awesome signing for me. I played him alongside Gallas for the first half, but since Gallas’s pace was slowing down with his age, I am giving Vermaleen more of a run in the second half of first season. Early February I have bought Chellini and De rossi who will join me next season. I will sell Hernanes then and use De rossi and Fabregas in the midfield. I have bought Hamsik as a backup for either of the staring midfielders.

I also sent Vela on loan to Udinese. Song went to Wigan for a season long loan spell and seems to have settled well. Extended Rosicky’s contract for 2 more years only to put him on the market once he signed. He is getting old and is injury prone. Sent Almunia on loan to Barca/Madrid and bought Hugo Lloris who is twice the keeper of Almunia. Bought a great Spanish young Keeper, I cant remember the name now but his potential is like 3.5 stars which is like one of the best for Keepers as far as I can tell.

Luckily none of my players were injured long term. RVP was sensational in the first season scoring almost a goal a game overall. Dzeko also played well averaging just lower than a goal a game. Eduardo contributed well when called upon, though his playing time was limited due to the good form of both Robin Van Persie and Edin Dzeko. Eduardo is a decent striker though at 3 stars.

Good first season overall so far. Second should only be better as I am on my way to win all 4 trophies that I was into. Which should mean decent money available for transfers for next season and also I have already signed De rossi(4.5 stars) and Chellini(4 stars) who are coming in at the begining of the transfer window. I have also signed Robert Enke (very sad to hear about his rcent death in real life) and Sergio Canales and Juan Roman Riquelme all on free transfers and they should also be joining my team at the start of the season.

All in all a very good first season so far.

Now lets come to the important part. What FM 2010 wonderkids have i signed for my team so far?

Well I don’t remember all of them offhand and I havent got the game running now so pardon any spelling mistakes. Below is a list of amazing young talent that I have amassed at the club so far:

  1. Lorenzo Crisetig from Inter
  2. Stephan El Shaarawi from Genoa I suppose
  3. Ryder matos from Fiorentina(bought for some 3-4 millions, but Benfica and a few other clubs happily offer 8-10 millions for him in a couple of years)
  4. Adrian from Spain (bought for 3.5 million and sold in 6 months for 6 million to Birmingham)
  5. Simone David cheap young Keeper (Juventus want him already after just 6 months in my team)
  6. Kyriakos Papadopoulos
  7. Gerson from Cuzerio
  8. Luiz Guillherme cheap GK from Brazil

There are a few more good ones. Will post about them later. Let me know if you have bought any good wonderkids yourselves and how they have matured for you.

Will update more details soon! Cheer!!!


Fifa 09 manager mode

Hi guys…Just got my Fifa 09 PV game copy yesterday and started with the Manager mode striaght away…Had been waiting for it since a long time after i had got a new computer…

I started with my Fav team Arsenal…Game is great to play and much easier to navigate…

Here is a list of some of the young kids in Fifa 09 that are worth the money… (list of wonderkids)

Strikers: —

Arsenal player Carlos Vela – reached a peak rating of 95..

Inter striker Balotelli – reaches a peak rating of 90…

Fiorentina’s Jovetic – reaches 91…

Milan’s Pato – reaches some 92/94 rating

Barca’s Bojan – reaches only 88/89 (i was pretty disappointed to see his low rating..i was expecting Bojan to be the 99 rated player of fifa 09)

Victor Moses: – reaches a peak rating of 91.

These are just a few i have discovered in my first 2 seasons with Arsenal.. will update more later…

Midfielders with peak ratings: –

Fabregas – 93

Jesus Nevas – 96

Ozil – 88

Everton’s Rodnar – 92/93 ( very good defensive midfielder)

Miguel Veloso – 89

Lyon’s pjanic – 91

Lionel Messi – 98

Nasri – 92

Walcott – 84/85( big disappointment again.. the young english star peak rated at a mere mif 80’s…

Ramsey – 87

Wilshere – 87

Ivan Rakitic – 90


Defenders with peak ratings: –

Sergio Ramos – 92

Micah Richards – 93

Gael Clichy – 90

Thiago Heleno – 90

E Garay – 88

Kindly note that the players listed above are the ones i have on my team..The list will continue with the number of Seasons i put behind me…

Few startling facts that came to my knowledge after i started the fifa 09 manager mode with arsenal..

Wilshere, Ramsey, Bojan and Walcott peak out only in the mid or high 80’s…

Fifa has the habit of pulling 1 or 2 such surprises..:)

But overall it has been fun… Loving the game already… will post soon and update.. cheers..:)

Fifa 09 launched in India

The much awaited Fifa 09 has supposedly been released to great reviews across the globe on the 3rd of October. Gameplay etc have been said to have increased manyfolds and from some of the videos on the net showing skills play and gameplay it just looks like a sure shot winner from EA sports this time raising the bar high and leaving Konami to do the chasing.

Still to get hands on my copy though as the same is not yet available in India especially in Chennai…Checking on a daily basis with Landmark and Crossword stores. I particularly cant wait to get started with the Fifa 09 Manager mode of the game and complete as many years of Managing as possible buying Fifa 09 wonderkids on the way and reaching glory.

Can anyone update on the List of Wonderkids and young football stars in the Manager mode of the fifa 09? Also are there any changes to the Manager mode of the game? Can we expect something better from Fifa 09 Manager mode or is it the same as Fifa 08 Manager mode?

How about the Fifa 09 tournament mode? Is it any different from Fifa 08? Is there any new gameplay mode added in the fifa 09 this time like the career mode in Fifa 08?

Once i get hands on my copy will update a review of the same..Till then Cheers…

Fifa 09 rules…:)

Football Manager games

Its that time of the year when the new soccer season has started in most of the leagues across Europe. Its also the time when the innumerable Football manager games start hitting the market…

It begins with one of My favourites

Fifa 09 hitting markets soon...

Fifa 09 hitting markets soon…

Fifa 09 hitting the markets on the 3rd of October. Though Fifa 09 is not a purely Managerial game, its manager mode is immensely satisfying and in most cases thoroughly researched…

I especially like the ease with which you can sell your own players and then buy them again at bargain prices only to see there prices increase once they are in your squad. The scouting in Fifa 09 is also very cool with the depending on the level of your teams scout, he can unearth wonderkids who can be stars of the future..(i find the scouting in Championship Manager and Football Manager not so upto the mark)

There are options to upgrade your stadium capacity as well as the level of your various coaches and Physios. This sets good challenges for you to earn enough money to take your club to the highest level not only i terms of the trophies won, but also with respect to the stadium capacity and having the top most coaches training your team..
The one drawback that i find in the Manager mode of Fifa 09 is that it does not have a youth set up at all.. just a youth academy which has like 1 or 2 players in it. What it definitely needs is a youth team which lists all the future prospects for the team with a few of them the next superstars… I sincerely hope that Fifa 09 when it comes out on the 3rd October has these features in it.
Next comes the Football Manager 2009 which is expected by the end of October. This game is the mother of all soccer manager games. This game has everything.. it has a lovely youth team setup… it has a great transfer system in place… it has a new 3d gameplay mode… it has a great team base…

Inspite of being one of the best football manager games in the market it sure has its own drawbacks too… One thing is that the scouting does not turn up future superstars as often as one may like… Another very iritating feature is the fact that you are not able to sign a player you so badly want in your team cos either the other club is not willing to accept an offer for him even though you are willing to pay a 100 Million pounds for him or he is not willing to move to your club… I understand that this feature has been put in place to replicate the real world etc… but When you are actually playing the game it can sure get on your nerves…

Anyways, I hope when the latest offering by Football Manager series, FM 09 hits the market it has taken care of these flaws etc.

All in all, i cant wait for these latest soccer manager games to hit the market and i trying to be the next Arsene Wenger or the next Alex ferguson…[;)]. Will let you know if i did manage that feat or not..

Till then Adios..