Champions League Semi Final Preview

I can’t seem to believe the fact that I am writing about the Semi finals of the Champions League!!

Many great players will be at display in 2 mouth watering clashes!!

Many great players will be at display in 2 mouth watering clashes!!

It seems like just yesterday when Chelsea was struggling to qualify for the knock out stages of the tournament. And Arsene Wenger might have been frustrated to have finished second is his group. (Though in retrospect I am sure Wenger would be happy now as all seem to have gone well for Arsenal as they find themselves in the Semi final against none other than Ferguson’s Red devils).

Well whether I believe it or not, it’s true as the Semi finals of the champions’ league are upon us. And we have 2 mouth watering clashes lined up for us.

First we will have Chelsea traveling to Spain to meet the current Spanish league leader Barcelona on Tuesday.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

Terry and co. will have their hands full against Messi and co.

Terry and co. will have their hands full against Messi and co.


It will be the true test for a Barcelona side that is yet to meet its equal this season. I say so because Chelsea is one of the teams that have had so much champions’ league experience over the last few seasons. They have players who are hungry to erase the memories of last year, where they reached so close and yet in the end it was so far for them.
All these things apart I think Chelsea are a team that can beat any team on their day and the way they thrashed Liverpool 3-1 in their own backyard makes you think they could pull one over Barca too.

I know with such a prediction I could end up with egg all over my face, but if and again IF it turns out to be true then I will have the immense satisfaction of telling you guys I SAID YOU SO… 🙂 My money will be on Chelsea to win over the two legs and qualify for yet another all English Champions League final.

I am not taking anything away from Barcelona mind you. Barca is a team that has flourished to immense proportions under the able guidance of Pep Guardiola. But they are a team that has already achieved so much this season I wonder if Guardiola can keep them motivated in these crucial last few phases of the season. Messi, Eto and Henry are still potential threat to Chelsea but I feel Terry and company will somehow keep them at bay.

Barca will surely score at home. But their away form is what worries me. I am not so sure they can come to Chelsea and beat them comprehensively.
Drogba is coming back in form and as we all have learnt to know now that he is a player of big matches. He is sure to perform well especially trying to impress those in his pursuit of his capability. He had seemed disillusioned with life at Chelsea at the beginning of the season and i have no doubt if one of the European giants come calling Drogba would go running towards them.

It will be a fascinating tactical contest between Hiddink’s Chelsea and Guardiola’s Barca where the eventual triumphant will be Football itself.

Man Utd vs Arsenal

Not just a battle between 2 of the best players in the world

Not just a battle between 2 of the best players in the world

Second we will see Arsene Wenger taking his young gunners to Old Trafford. Last year it was 2 English giants Chelsea and Liverpool meeting in the semi finals. And this time its the other 2 English giants meeting in a Champions’ league semi final. Just goes to show why the English Premier league is one of the best in the world today.

Wenger who has just rejected an audacious move by the German giants Bayern Munich to take him to Germany will be keep to keep his gunner motivated at their only chance of silverware this season. The gunners are finishing the season on a high with some exhilarating football and with 20 games unbeaten in the premiership and still going strong.

But the season will still be a disappointment for a lot of big names including Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, and Fabregas to have not won a single trophy in the last 4 years now. So this will be enough motivation for the big names to fire in this match so as to take Arsenal closer to their 1st trophy in 4 years.

Van Persie will miss the match due to injury and this will be a big blow to Arsenal. Also Arshavin misses the match as he is cup tied. That will make the creative options limited for Arsenal and Fabregas will have to take a chunk of that responsibility.
When you look at the sides on paper it’s not difficult to think that Arsenal look a somewhat weaker side given their youth and inexperience.
But Arsenal have proven it earlier that this perceived weakness of their’s is indeed their strength. And they could do so again.

Yet I feel looking at the way Man Utd came back against Tottenham in the weekend you just feel that this Man Utd side is still hungry for trophy’s and will go to lengths to win one. So my money in this one is on Manchester united and I know a lot of Arsenal fans will disagree and I could again end up with my face smeared in egg but I am willing to take the risk and bet my money on Man Utd. If Arsenal wins I might lose my money but will still be happy to see one of favorite teams in the Champions league Final.
So you see I will win either ways 🙂

Will update the scores immediately after both matches so keep watching this space for more details. Go gunners!!!