Barcelona v Chelsea Semi Final!!!

Another Splendid night of European Football…

Barcelona – Bayern Munich:  4-0

Barcelona thrashed Bayern for 4-0 at home..That went right with my prediction… The tie is all done now and beyond Bayern’s reach.

Bayern were caught napping in the first half as Barca started scoring for fun.  It was as if Bayern defense did not do any homework for the Barca Trinity. They looked dazed at the ease at which Barca started scoring.

Messi & co. lead Barca closer to the Semi Final

Messi & co. lead Barca closer to the Semi Final

Messi led the Barca attack scoring 2 of the 4 goals and Eto and Henry shared 1 each.

Liverpool v Chelsea:  1-3

Look at Xabi alonso, he typifes Liverpools performance: Caught Sleeping

Look at Xabi alonso, he typifes Liverpools performance: Caught Sleeping

In Liverpool the story was much different.. Where inspite of the early Lead Benitez’s men could not keep their nerve’s and Branislav Ivanovic was the unlikely hero as he slid 2 from 2 corners past Pepe Reina in the Liverpool Goal. Drogba , the big match player that he is, scored the third for Chelsea from a delightful team effort to make it 1-3 for Chelsea. This tie too is almost beyond Liverpool now as they cannot be expected to go to Chelsea and win 3-0.

Ivanovic: Unlikely Hero for the Night...

Ivanovic: Unlikely Hero for the Night...

Chelsea showed great character to comeback so strongly from being 1 down. They were helped strongly by the unlikely hero of the night Branislav Ivanovic who put two delightful headers past Reina.

So what have we got at the end of the first leg of the Quarter finals. 2 teams that are more or less through , 1 team which has all the chance of making it there and 1 which has a tough task ahead to make it to the next stage.

I feel Arsenal will sail through and Man U might struggle. But this is Champions league my friend, the tournament where you can seldom predict the outcome, the tournament of tactics, the tournament of away goal rules and where away goals rule…

So lets just wait for a week and know for sure…


5 Responses

  1. I think it was a nightmare to Bayern and Liverpool,but we cant say this is a final conlusion,they still have chance to get things right though in a hard way…,i think we better wait for the next weeks games…this is champs league everything is possible.

  2. I still dont think semi final will be between Barcelona vs Chelsea,some thing unexpected is gonna happen next week…..we still have to wait and see

  3. Hi Anderson, I think i agree…
    The last para of the post implies just that.
    Though it seems more than likely that we will see a Barca v Chelsea semi final, We are talking about Champions league, where liverpool turned around a 3 goal deficit in the last 6 minutes to go on to win the Champions league…
    So yes anything is still possible, but its a huge climb ahead for both Bayern and Liverpool and Barca and Chelsea will not make it any easy going in with a very defensive setup…
    We’ll get to know of it next tuesday though

  4. One thing which i know for sure is that we are going to enjoy these games,….Bayern i think they gonna have all their best players who missed the 1st round match,and they wish to get out with respect and maintain their pride as Klinsman said…..,so its my hope we are going to enjoy that type of european football this week.

  5. Well i have a similar feeling… Bayern and Liverpool both will go all out… they have nothing to lose and if either Barca or Chelsea lose their cool, the opponent might have a chance…

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