EPL is in a state of Turmoil, but not so for Liverpool!

Well well well, It was a weekend that might prove to be the most crucial one in the race to the championship. Both Man United and Chelsea lost their respective fixtures and Liverpool thrashed Villa to take the second spot with just 1 point separating them from Manchester United.

Though Man U have a game in hand, the momentum is surely not with the Red Devils as they have lost their last 2 matches and have had 3 players sent off in them. That doesn’t sound like Man U now does it? It sound more like a championship struggler like West Brom or Stoke or even Hull City at the moment.

Liverpool are on a roll right now scoring 13 goals in their last 3 fixtures and conceding just 1. It did not look like a match between a 2nd placed and a 5th placed side. More like a top Premier league side versus a League 2 struggling team. Liverpool were scoring for Fun and the Villa defence looked as clueless as it could be to the likes of Riera, Gerrard and Torres.

Liverpool went into the match knowing they had a chance to bridge a lot of gap as they knew that both Chelsea and Manchester United had lost their matches on saturday.

This weekend would proove crucial to the race for the championship. And if Liverpool eventually win the title (I still think they wont win though), they might look at this weekend and think these last 2 weekends were the weekend that led them towards the title more than any.

Man United have some catching up to do in terms of Momentum and the fact that they would have an extra match in the form of the FA cup semi final might come as a good news to Liverpool, who would then pray for the Merseyside rivals to dent the Red Devil’s morale further.

Arsenal also almost had another scare but did eventually do enough to claim the 4th spot and are now 3 points clear of Aston Villa.

All in all, the EPL is going crazy if you’d ask me and i think we would be in store for a very exciting finish to the season:)


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