Stoke City v Manchester City: 1-0

Well well well!!! Manchester City eh? Robinho cant help them, Bridge cant help them, De Jong cant help them, Bellamy cant help them, even the referee cant help them… The way they were playing, i dont think Kaka himself could’ve helped them…
It was utterly pathetic display of football from city at Stoke city… One couldn’t see a dimes worth of all the millions spent on the players like Robinho, Bellamy, Wayne bridge (whose error could’ve cost em the game), or De Jong and the likes…
Well just goes to show you cant buy 3 points just with Money. You need a lot more than that, you need the discipline, you need the motivation, you need the passion, and of course you need the cohesiveness to gel and work as a team.

Man city looked all over the place and even after Rory Delap being sent off early in the game (some might contest unjustly) they could not find a single goal. but it gets worse, they somehow managed to concede a goal to James Beattie a 3.5 million signing for Stoke city off a superb cross from Mathew Ethrington another 2 million pound signing of Stoke city. Now thats what i call money well spent, Beattie (2 goals in as many games) and Ethrington (who ran all over the pitch and was surely the man of the match for me).

Well lets see how far the Arabs stick with Mark Hughes after today’s loss adding to their dreadful away form…
Congrats to the Stoke guys who were helped when the Referee decided to supersede the coach and substitute Rory Delap for the Stoke Fans..:)

More reviews to follow later..


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