Will Arsenal regret not closing the Arshavin deal after dropping points against Everton?

The Arshavin deal has been the most dragged deal of this January transfer window…

A bemused Arshavin! Laughing at Arsenal?

A bemused Arshavin! Teasing Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger knew of his depleted squad much before the transfer window opened. But he waited till it was open and then decided to go ahead with the pursuit of Arshavin. Now the transfer has hit a lot of road blocks, some because the two clubs could not agree on a transfer fee for the player and later it appears coz Arsenal could not afford the wage demands of Arshavin.
Arshavin is a good player, he may not be the best but he sure is a decent lad to have in ones squad to provide the much needed creativity that the current team seems to be lacking in the absence of playmakers like Fabregas and Rosicky.
Form what I have seen of the guy on you tube and in Euro-2008, I was impressed by the mans goal-scoring ability as well as his dribbling ability.
Now if I had the choice I wouldn’t have wasted time haggling over a few millions with Zenith or a few thousand pounds with the player himself, but would have liked to get in the reinforcement as soon as possible.
Arsenal was a club in crisis just before the January window opened and Wenger should’ve addressed the squad’s depleting condition to the earnest. He decided to be his usual adamant self and maybe, maybe cost Arsenal the Champions league place. The fact that Arsenal lost 2 points at such a crucial time when they were behind Aston Villa by 6 as it is and needed to win every match to be able to catch them.
Now as usual Arsenal will keep waiting for Aston Villa and Manchester united to drop points in their pursuit of the EPL title or even the Champions League place.
Its quite sad to see Arsenal trail behind the leaders each season and hope for them to lose or drop points to eventually be able to win the league.
As an ardent Arsenal fan I would love for once to see the other top teams chasing Arsenal and this should happen nearing the end of the season rather than after the first few matches of the season.
I think Arsenal have made a big mistake in letting the Arshavin deal hanging in the air till so late in the transfer window. Maybe Arshavin could have been the difference between a lack-luster Arsenal side which lost 2 points and a creative Arsenal side which could’ve won all 3 points.
Let’s hope they don’t lose any more points and the signing of Arshavin finally goes through before the closing hours of the Transfer window.

I also heard that Man-City has made a bid of 12 million and Micah Richards for Kolo Toure. I say take it Arsene and we can sign a better defender in the summer or even buy a good defensive midfielder like Miguel Veloso or the likes. 12 million after all is a lot of money for a Manager like Arsene Wenger. I also see no point keeping a player like Kolo Toure who is clearly unsettled at Arsenal and who has not been able to deliver his best all season.


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