Is Ronaldo back?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice to help Manchester United demolish West Brom and go 3 points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand.

The creative side of Manchester United was on display and the team was out answering all the critics who were questioning the last few unimpresive wins that the team has registered.

Ronaldo didnt look at his best and yet managed to scored two goals. goes to show that the man is pure quality in front of the goal and his return to goalscoring form in Premier league will be a much needed welcome for Sir Alex Ferguson who has Rooney missing till the start of February.

I was just checking the statistics on and realized that Ronaldo had already scored 10 goals in the premier league (3rd highest just behind Nicolas Anelka – 14 and Robinho – 11). This when he has come back this season after a long injury lay-off. Also he had 5 assists to his name. whereas Anelka had 0 and Robinho had 3. Thus if you consider the assist as an equal contribution to Goals then Ronaldo has made 15 contribution to Goals this season, more than anyone else in the league.

Love him or hate him, statistics cannot be ignored. He missed start of the season due to injury, has been in one of the worst forms hes had in the last 2 or 3 seasons and he still manages to add the most value in the whole of EPL. The Man  sure has talent oozing from him and is comparable to none other in the EPL.

Another thing to notice about him is when he scores 1 goal for the team, theres always a chance he will score another. He usually scores 2 goals a lot of times. That helps his games to goals ratio a lot. He hasnt got many hat-tricks but he has good deal of double goals for United.

Hope this double kick-starts his season in lines with last season. Ronaldo is the best…


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  1. Very good site. As a supporter of ManU, I will surely bookmark this site. Also thanks to Alphainventions for digging you out.

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