Fifa 09 manager mode

Hi guys…Just got my Fifa 09 PV game copy yesterday and started with the Manager mode striaght away…Had been waiting for it since a long time after i had got a new computer…

I started with my Fav team Arsenal…Game is great to play and much easier to navigate…

Here is a list of some of the young kids in Fifa 09 that are worth the money… (list of wonderkids)

Strikers: —

Arsenal player Carlos Vela – reached a peak rating of 95..

Inter striker Balotelli – reaches a peak rating of 90…

Fiorentina’s Jovetic – reaches 91…

Milan’s Pato – reaches some 92/94 rating

Barca’s Bojan – reaches only 88/89 (i was pretty disappointed to see his low rating..i was expecting Bojan to be the 99 rated player of fifa 09)

Victor Moses: – reaches a peak rating of 91.

These are just a few i have discovered in my first 2 seasons with Arsenal.. will update more later…

Midfielders with peak ratings: –

Fabregas – 93

Jesus Nevas – 96

Ozil – 88

Everton’s Rodnar – 92/93 ( very good defensive midfielder)

Miguel Veloso – 89

Lyon’s pjanic – 91

Lionel Messi – 98

Nasri – 92

Walcott – 84/85( big disappointment again.. the young english star peak rated at a mere mif 80’s…

Ramsey – 87

Wilshere – 87

Ivan Rakitic – 90


Defenders with peak ratings: –

Sergio Ramos – 92

Micah Richards – 93

Gael Clichy – 90

Thiago Heleno – 90

E Garay – 88

Kindly note that the players listed above are the ones i have on my team..The list will continue with the number of Seasons i put behind me…

Few startling facts that came to my knowledge after i started the fifa 09 manager mode with arsenal..

Wilshere, Ramsey, Bojan and Walcott peak out only in the mid or high 80’s…

Fifa has the habit of pulling 1 or 2 such surprises..:)

But overall it has been fun… Loving the game already… will post soon and update.. cheers..:)


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  1. The information about the new players is very useful. Can you please give an overall review of the new edition?

  2. umm iv got this one guy called bale he is 89 and only 22 uears old (defender) and nordtveit he is 88 and only 21 years old and who could forget anderson he is 95 and only 23.

  3. Dos Santos from Tottenham reaches an overall of 97
    Messi 98
    Jose Baxter is a 16yo from Everton that reaches 96

    I have a complete list of over 220 of the best young players on my site.

  4. see this..i’ve 15th season in 2015-2016 see my player list.they are top overall in my present, buy them early!
    GK- fiorillo94
    RB- rafael92, gosling90
    LB- fabio90, kolodzieczak87
    CM-mikel92,skjelbred89, rodwell89
    CF/ST-jovetic93(very powerful,he deserved 99),rooney96,torres93

  5. Well good team… but i see some obvious players missing…
    Like Fabregas for CM, he peaks at 96…
    then there is Mertesacker for CB, he also peaks at some 94/95…
    Btw which version game are u playing, i mean PC?, Xbox? or PS3?


  6. I like the players selected, there are also players that FIFA 09 generate that are fantastic but seem to change every manager mode, I had a player caled Law one seaon for attacking midfield, on another season i couldn’t find him.

    If you need tips and things to get good at fifa once these players are bought visit, they give some sound advise on all aspects of the game, helped me loads with my online gaming.

  7. hey, ive found a few gems in fifa 09,
    – giovani dos santos, reaches 97 and valued at 49 million
    – sergio ageuro 94
    – feinin 92

    all the above players can be bought for cheap to , give them 2-3 seasons

  8. Hey thats great man…
    I knew Aguero and Dos santos…
    Not sure i remember Feinin…
    Will check him out and let i know…

  9. Rodwell, Baxter, and Gosling are all 90+’s from Everton

  10. for defeners.
    t.heleno of cruzeiro. reaches up to 90
    nordveit reaches up to 88

  11. gosling of everton .reaches 90, he is rightback
    bale of tottenham hot spurs,, also reaches 90. he is leftback
    other decent leftback is castillo, he reaches up to 85, from santos laguna
    for goal keeper,
    fiorillo of sampdoria, he reaches up to 94. and other option would be nielsen from aalborg, from SAS league.reaches up to 86.

    for midfielder,
    rodwell of everton peaks up to 90,
    aissati of ajax, very good buy, and play anywhere in midfield,
    sissoko of toulouse reaches 90.
    andrade of cruz azul peaks up to 88, right sided winger
    ninis of panathinaikos peaks up to 93,right sided winger
    villaluz, peaks up to 90, also from cruz azul,left sided winger
    enevoldsen of aalborg peaks up to 86
    mccarthy of hamiltin, CAM, peaks up to 89

    v,moses from crystal palace, peaks up to 90
    baxter from everton, peaks up to 96
    arellano of guadajalara, peaks up to 89
    guilgerme of cruzeiro, peaks up to 88

  12. in my first season on fifa i was in need of a striker and found a guy called demba ba he was 22 and didnt cost me very much. i am now into my 3rd season and he has reached his peak which is 98. he pretty much reached his peak in my first season so why dont you try him out and let me know what you think.

  13. demba ba is good… how much did you get him for?
    You should try and but Vela/Balotelli/Alexis Sanchez as all of them are much better strikers…
    And if there are no foreign players limit or such thing, You can try and get Brazilian strikers like, Hulk, Diogo, Marquinhos, Guillerhme, Alex Teixiera, Tiago Luis, Walter, Maicon, Keirrison etc….
    All are pretty good especially Marwuinhos, Keirrison, Teixiera, and Guillerhme

  14. I got Demba Ba on a free transfer, he is about 88 on my team now. (Swansea City) I also have Robinho, Defoe, Aguero, so I might cash in on him now. Though everytime I think of doing that, his finishing is excellent. I still need him to do better with his head. He seems more like a lazy in the box player however. I need a tall, strong fwd who is good on his head. I tried Halil Altintop who was a flop. I was thinking Santa Cruz or Toni but those guys are expensive. Any suggestions?

  15. My major transfers and how much they cost in US dollars.

    Aguero – CF – 28 mil
    Defoe – ST – 12 mil
    Modric – CM – 15 mil
    Jesus Navas – RM – 9 mil
    Walcott – RW – 10 mil
    Kompany – CB 8 mil
    Garay – CB 8 mil
    Emiliano Moretti – LB – 4 mil
    Valmiro Valdo – RM – 2 mil
    Michael Bradley – CM – 1.5 mil
    Christian Lell – RB – 1 mil
    Ba – ST – Free, now worth 22 mil
    Robinho – LW – Free, now worth 44 mil
    Ismaïl Aissati – CM – 700K, now worth 2 mil
    Christopher Samba – CB – Free
    Gago – – CM Free, sold for 12 mil
    Altintop – CF – 4 mil, sold for 7 mil
    Jaime Gavilán – LM – 2 mil, sold for 7 mil
    Yannick Djaló – CF – 1 mil, sold for 8 mil
    Fred – ST – 5 mil, sold for 7 mil

    Some other guys that were cheap that turned out to be awesome (80s):
    jamel ait ben idir – CDM – very strong in midfield
    neri cardozo – LM – grows to be very fast, can pass but not shoot very well
    Simao – CDM – very fast CDM, had to sell him for profit.
    Carlos Eduardo – CAM – fast and has a knack for scoring late goals.

  16. Having physically strong players like aguero n tevez are an added benefit..even if someone tackles them, they r still d 1st one to grab the ball again…
    I’m into season 2014-15 nw with Arsenal
    My Team is
    1. Craig Gordon (GK)
    2. Sergio Ramos
    3. Clichy
    4. Vermalaen
    5. Rafael
    6. Fabio
    7. Sendoras
    1. Fabregas
    2. Messi
    3. Silva
    4. Kaka
    5. Walcott
    6. Wilshere
    7. Ramsey
    1. Dos Santos
    2. Vela
    3. Higuain
    4. Aguero
    5. Tevez
    6. Pato

  17. Hey, I just wanted to say what a fantastic website. I totally enjoyed it and found it fascinating reading. Anticipating your next post!

  18. Arsene Wenger said Carlos Vela was left behind for Arsenal’s fateful trip to Barcelona because of ‘competition for places’.

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