Fifa 09 launched in India

The much awaited Fifa 09 has supposedly been released to great reviews across the globe on the 3rd of October. Gameplay etc have been said to have increased manyfolds and from some of the videos on the net showing skills play and gameplay it just looks like a sure shot winner from EA sports this time raising the bar high and leaving Konami to do the chasing.

Still to get hands on my copy though as the same is not yet available in India especially in Chennai…Checking on a daily basis with Landmark and Crossword stores. I particularly cant wait to get started with the Fifa 09 Manager mode of the game and complete as many years of Managing as possible buying Fifa 09 wonderkids on the way and reaching glory.

Can anyone update on the List of Wonderkids and young football stars in the Manager mode of the fifa 09? Also are there any changes to the Manager mode of the game? Can we expect something better from Fifa 09 Manager mode or is it the same as Fifa 08 Manager mode?

How about the Fifa 09 tournament mode? Is it any different from Fifa 08? Is there any new gameplay mode added in the fifa 09 this time like the career mode in Fifa 08?

Once i get hands on my copy will update a review of the same..Till then Cheers…

Fifa 09 rules…:)


One Response

  1. Hi All,
    Awaiting to get the 09 version of my most favorite game in my hands…
    anyone who have bought it, pls update where can i get in Chennai…..

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