Football Manager games

Its that time of the year when the new soccer season has started in most of the leagues across Europe. Its also the time when the innumerable Football manager games start hitting the market…

It begins with one of My favourites

Fifa 09 hitting markets soon...

Fifa 09 hitting markets soon…

Fifa 09 hitting the markets on the 3rd of October. Though Fifa 09 is not a purely Managerial game, its manager mode is immensely satisfying and in most cases thoroughly researched…

I especially like the ease with which you can sell your own players and then buy them again at bargain prices only to see there prices increase once they are in your squad. The scouting in Fifa 09 is also very cool with the depending on the level of your teams scout, he can unearth wonderkids who can be stars of the future..(i find the scouting in Championship Manager and Football Manager not so upto the mark)

There are options to upgrade your stadium capacity as well as the level of your various coaches and Physios. This sets good challenges for you to earn enough money to take your club to the highest level not only i terms of the trophies won, but also with respect to the stadium capacity and having the top most coaches training your team..
The one drawback that i find in the Manager mode of Fifa 09 is that it does not have a youth set up at all.. just a youth academy which has like 1 or 2 players in it. What it definitely needs is a youth team which lists all the future prospects for the team with a few of them the next superstars… I sincerely hope that Fifa 09 when it comes out on the 3rd October has these features in it.
Next comes the Football Manager 2009 which is expected by the end of October. This game is the mother of all soccer manager games. This game has everything.. it has a lovely youth team setup… it has a great transfer system in place… it has a new 3d gameplay mode… it has a great team base…

Inspite of being one of the best football manager games in the market it sure has its own drawbacks too… One thing is that the scouting does not turn up future superstars as often as one may like… Another very iritating feature is the fact that you are not able to sign a player you so badly want in your team cos either the other club is not willing to accept an offer for him even though you are willing to pay a 100 Million pounds for him or he is not willing to move to your club… I understand that this feature has been put in place to replicate the real world etc… but When you are actually playing the game it can sure get on your nerves…

Anyways, I hope when the latest offering by Football Manager series, FM 09 hits the market it has taken care of these flaws etc.

All in all, i cant wait for these latest soccer manager games to hit the market and i trying to be the next Arsene Wenger or the next Alex ferguson…[;)]. Will let you know if i did manage that feat or not..

Till then Adios..


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